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4 Band Regular Puzzle Ring (ENGLISH)

4 Band Regular Puzzle Ring (SPANISH)

7 Band Puzzle Ring


4 Band Large Puzzle Ring

8 Band Regular Puzzle Ring




4 Band Rose Puzzle Ring


8 Band Large Puzzle Ring

5 Band Puzzle Ring

8 Band Weave Puzzle Ring


6 Band Puzzle Ring



12 Band Puzzle Ring

"Thank you for producing the high quality self-explanatory dvd on how to put the 8 band large puzzle ring back together. It is the only ring that I wear because I work around machinery and electricity. I wear it as my wedding band. My wife dropped it the other day and it came apart. We tried for hours to get it back together with no luck. After receiving your dvd, I watched it a couple of times and put the ring back together in less than 20 minutes. Now I can even do it faster. Thank you for your dvd. It is probably the best 10 dollars I ever spent. "

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